Mrs. Wrubleski - our teacher

Hay Lakes

Miranda Odland - our coordinator

My name is Martha Wrubleski and I have been the kindergarten teacher at Hay Lakes ECS for fourteen years. I live on a farm close to Hay Lakes. My husband and I like living in the country and enjoy rural living as do our children and our grandchildren. I am energetic, passionate about and committed to early childhood education.  I love the moments when a student says  "Ohhh.  I get it!" and makes a connection.  I believe in a child-centered learning environment with strong parental involvement. 

My main goal as a kindergarten teacher is to ensure each student has the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful in grade one.  I welcome the contributions of every family member that will be a part of the children’s lives during their time at Hay Lakes ECS.
Our coordinator completes our paperwork and ensures we meet Alberta Education's requirements and deadlines.  She also purchases supplies for our events, works with our vice-president on fundraisers and communicates with parents.